Turkey, Gravy, Beans & Rolls. Let Me See That Casserole!

Turkey, Gravy, Beans & Rolls. Let Me See That Casserole!

Hello Friends!

It’s the most cherished time of the year, filled with overflowing gratitude for our friends, family, clients, and all of those that share a special place in our lives. We hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving.
The Whitman Team shared each of our most thankful bits from this year. Tyler Whitman is thankful for his health – Without it, nothing else matters – He took great care of himself this year, feels better than ever inside and out, and that allows him to do his job at the highest level. Bailey Gladysz is thankful that she successfully brought baby #2 through her first full year of life, with an epic One-der Woman birthday party for her in November. Josh Heyer is thankful for his healthy baby girl who is turning one in December. Ashlie Roberson is thankful for family – her amazing and supportive husband who she married in October, her parents, and her work family who pushes her to be 1% better everyday. Luke Hoback is thankful that he’s relocated to Hell’s Kitchen and is able to hop to Broadway theaters so frequently these days, and that vaccines have allowed new shows to finally open. Izabella Solarz is thankful for nearly two weeks spent with family in Poland.
Caitlin Daniele is grateful for both her real family and work family and all the joy and inspiration they bring to her life. Lorraine Rigan is thankful for her upcoming one year anniversary on The Whitman Team and how the team has made her transition into this role so seamless and welcoming. Philip Andriotti is thankful for the new people who have come into his life this year and the adventures he’s been privileged to jetset on. Katie Haggerty is thankful for health, happiness, family, and friends. John Caulfield is thankful for his family, good health, and the world returning to normalcy. Drew McLeod is thankful to enjoy every second working with my family and friends. Sara Jimenez-Curtola is thankful to be surrounded by both sides of her family for the Thanksgiving holiday in California. Cameron Johnson is grateful for all the incredible connections she made at The Agency Forum event (more on that below).
The real estate market around the country quiets down during the holiday season and picks back up with new listing inventory in the new year. We wish you a quiet, restful, and relaxing holiday season filled with great conversations, inspiration, and people who light up your soul.
See you in December,
The Whitman Team

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