Happy October! It’s the spookiest, scariest, most haunted month of the year. We hope you have had your Halloween costume laid out all month, preparing to celebrate all the ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and goobers of the world. On Halloween last year, the Whitman Team was hosting a watch party at The Mansion for the finale of Million Dollar Listing Season 8. While we’re not getting together for Halloween parties this year (#StopTheSpread), we are taking a moment to remember our favorite Halloweens on record. Scroll on to check them out!

The Whitman Team’s Favorite Halloween

In 2019, Tyler Whitman made his first appearance on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York. To celebrate the finale, the team threw a party at our freshest new listing that was featured as a banger on the last episode of the season. And if you haven’t seen the listing video for The Mansion at 172 Madison, check it out.

Tyler Whitman’s Favorite Halloween

Tyler Whitman’s favorite Halloween was a few years ago when he dressed up as an overweight, elderly woman. In case you missed it, Tyler was not always the slim chicken that he is today.

Tara Burns’ Favorite Halloween

During Tara’s senior year at Vanderbilt, she was cast to play the “Trophy Wife” on the set of a Montgomery Gentry Country Music video which they shot on Halloween of 2007. When they wrapped, Tara didn’t have time to change before going out to a Halloween party so she just told everyone I was Marilyn Monroe… and it worked!

Ashlie Roberson’s Favorite Halloween

Ashlie doesn’t have just one favorite Halloween – She loved them all. She loved dressing up like the gorgeous Disney princesses and parading around her kingdom (the neighborhood) with her candy bucket in tow. PS: Ashlie didn’t get the memo that Snow White had brown (black?) hair. But alas, introducing Ashlie Roberson, the Blonde Snow White.

Bailey Gladysz’s Favorite Halloween

October 2015 was Bailey’s favorite Halloween. Bailey and her husband, Ryan, got married on Halloween, so for their rehearsal dinner on the night before the wedding, they made the dress code “Costume Mandatory.” Every single guest was dressed in costume.

Katie Haggerty’s Favorite Halloween

Katie’s favorite season begins with Halloween and ends with Christmas! She especially loves Halloween because she loves candy so much. Memories of trick-or-treating and coming home to her parents’ homemade chili and counting her candy will last forever! She always made the same memories for her children by making tons of food for their return home to sit and count their candy with the smell of warm food in the kitchen.

Josh Heyer’s Favorite Halloween

Josh and his college roommates wore really teenie, three-sizes-too-small onesies. The details of the night are a bit fuzzy, but he does remember that going to the bathroom was quite difficult.

Kemba Buchanan’s Favorite Halloween

Kemba lives for Halloween and tends to go all out – 2018 was no different. She dressed up as “The General”, Okoye, from the movie The Black Panther. Okoye was the leader of an all-female armed forces to protect the King, T’Challa. Her character struck a chord in Kemba, portraying a confidence that was feminine and graceful and also mighty; women are both.

Lawrence Lee’s Favorite Halloween

Lawrence loves spending Halloween with his two sons. This photo was from Noah’s first Halloween who was dressed as a penguin. Hunter went as Optimus Prime, in a custom made-by-mommy costume. Lawrence was dressed as a Dad/Real Estate Mogul that Halloween.

John Caulfield’s Favorite Halloween

John’s favorite Halloween in the recent past was his family’s first NYC Halloween last year! Now that he’s moved out to the Hamptons in 2020, they’re ready for new Halloween experiences once again. Bring on pumpkins on the beach.